Handy Resource!

Hi guys! A couple of people have asked about meds recently and it occurred to me today this might be a useful resource for some people. I’ve been feeling a little fuzzy headed recently and my boyfriend recommended taking B vitamins (they seem to be all about vitamins in America) but there are some strange interactions with psychiatric meds (echinacea is a no go on Lamotrigine for example and grapefruit juice can be genuinely dangerous on Lithium) so i wanted to check it out. After a bit of a google search i found there weren’t many easy to read med guides that weren’t an extensive patient safety leaflet in teeny tiny writing so i’ve gone back to the faithful link on my local mental health Trusts website. As it’s unlikely to come up in a general search i thought i’d share the link here, enjoy!

Link me to the website!

Mental wellness not mental illness

img_2226It’s 4:55 am and I’ve been up since about 4, I’ve recently been taking my sleeping tablets every night in order to ensure I stay well during a bit of a transitionary stage but my stock is running low which means I need to start attempting to sleep on my own like a regular human being. This is the first night of the pain in the ass that is med free sleep and my eyes are burning and I already hate this day but crazy early mornings are always a good time to blog so I’m making the most of this sleep deprived state. Continue reading Mental wellness not mental illness

There’s no place like home


According to Channel 4s ‘Britain’s Benefit Tenants’ I’m more likely to pile my flat knee high in nappies than I am to pay my rent on time or even at all. Looking for a flat when you’re on benefits is the worst; I have never made a late payment on bills or rent, never used my overdraft and I’m basically a decent human being but what defines me when applying for properties is my benefits. With Landlords filled with notions of binge drinking in jogging bottoms, ceilings collapsing and festering food on the carpet I simply don’t stand a chance. Nothing illustrates the countries attitude to benefits better than looking for a home. Continue reading There’s no place like home