About this blog..

This blog began its life as a Facebook group back in 2014, I wanted to do something for Bipolar Awareness month but wasn’t quite sure what. Once I accepted I am both lazy and a poor baker I scrapped any ideas of marathons and cake sales and decided to write about my own experiences. The group did so well I have kept it up and running and have finally got around into forming this blog too! The two will be linked but it will allow those who have chosen to opt out of social media the opportunity to read up and ask questions. You can join me over on Facebook by searching P.S Bipolar.

I should note that the blog is made up of my own experiences and that I certainly don’t speak on behalf of the ‘Bipolar community’. For all the hard-core facts and statistics I would refer you to the wonderful Bipolar UK site (www.bipolaruk.org) which is a factual goldmine and excellent resource!