‘The Abandonment’ – Otherwise known as moving home

If i pile all my belongings behind the sofa it’s like i’m not moving

In a couple of weeks I move home and despite the fact it’s literally 20 minutes away my 13 year old sister has begun referring to it as ‘the abandonment’. At present I live in a small village in a small flat on the outskirts of Cambridge quite literally around the corner from my family, as my brother described it ‘you moved out but not really’. At the start of University in Warwick I was convinced I would not return after graduation but the whole being super unwell thing sort of meant I had to come home. Initially being in the village made sense; I had my family a street away, I used the mental health services here regularly, work is around the corner and the sense of community meant I moved from a campus bubble to a real-world bubble. Continue reading ‘The Abandonment’ – Otherwise known as moving home

There’s no place like home


According to Channel 4s ‘Britain’s Benefit Tenants’ I’m more likely to pile my flat knee high in nappies than I am to pay my rent on time or even at all. Looking for a flat when you’re on benefits is the worst; I have never made a late payment on bills or rent, never used my overdraft and I’m basically a decent human being but what defines me when applying for properties is my benefits. With Landlords filled with notions of binge drinking in jogging bottoms, ceilings collapsing and festering food on the carpet I simply don’t stand a chance. Nothing illustrates the countries attitude to benefits better than looking for a home. Continue reading There’s no place like home