Have your say! Share your experiences and thoughts..


As many of you will know (but my newbies wont) i am inviting my lovely followers to guest blog/create for World Mental Health Day in October. Although this formally lands on the 10th October i’ve decided to extend it out to a full month of mental health awareness and open up the floor for you to share your own experiences.

For those of you that are recoiling at the idea of sharing some of your most intimate moments please note this is about mental wellness, not mental ‘illness’. If you’d like to talk about some of your mental health experiences then by all means do but mental health isn’t just about diagnosis and medication but about the things we do that keep ourselves feeling good. Basically if it feels mental health orientated to you then it’s relevant! So far i have people who want to write about meditation, send in poems, share their experiences of panic attacks- we’ve got a whole range of stuff going on! If you’re an Artist and painting makes you feel good send it in, if you’re a story writer send me a story! If you write Zines, make vlogs or love taking photographs then send it in. What’s great about this opportunity is that it illustrates perfectly that mental health has many faces and many voices.

If you’re interested or want to have a chat just get in touch with me and i’ll happily natter with you about your ideas.

All submissions must be in by the 29th October at the latest so that’s about a week to go!

Have a lovely weekend

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