‘The Mighty’ just shared my blog – kinda cool…



The Mighty is a really awesome site (and i’m not just saying that because they’ve shared my blog, i’ve 100% recommended them before) for bloggers to share their experiences on not just mental but physical conditions too. The site is a great way of tapping into resources around particular conditions as you can sign up to follow specific bits so you’re not bombarded with a huge sites worth of intense material. People share some dark moments but also some very real stuff around the implications of meds on travelling or access to benefits (i personally strongly relate to anything that comes up on the idea of ‘looking sick’). So it’s basically a great platform for bloggers, a great resource for those who want to learn more and a great way of connecting with those that share some of your experiences.

I am all kinds of honoured that this week they shared my blog post on their main site and then on their Facebook page too, there’s something pretty cool about watching something being shared!

If you’d like to check it out on their main site because the idea of social media makes you cringe then you can find it here

If you’re a huge fan of social media then you can join their site and find it on ‘The Mighty’ Facebook page.

I’m now an official contributor so watch this space!



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