Trying to be chilled about the gratitude journal..

So this past week has been a bit of a weird one; I’ve felt a little low and it’s hard to know whether it’s circumstantial, normal low mood or something to keep tabs on. I’ve been trying extra hard to keep up with the journal whilst i’m in a bummed out mood and I’ve found the best way to approach it is to be fairly chilled and just do it as and when it feels good. I have a very real tendency (and my closest friends will be smiling ruefully at this comment) to place time frames and deadlines on everything which often just puts more pressure on myself when i’m actually trying to create structure and support. Looking back over the journal for the past few weeks i can see where I’ve had particularly bad days and have skipped some days but i can also see where I’ve made a real effort to note the good stuff – even if it’s just a cup of good coffee in the morning getting ready for work. So here are some snapshots of the past week or so!


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