Gratitude journal: Jogging bottoms and wise words

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten a bit lax with the journal; for a start there were a couple of days which were truly crappy and i decided that those days required the respect of not trying to find the positive, that it was ok to look at that day and say ‘what a horrible day’. Secondly I’ve found that i have a tendency to berate myself when i don’t do an entry which kind of defeats the point of the journal..that’s basically the opposite of the point of the journal. So i decided that if i didn’t want to do an entry that was totally cool but i would try and put one thing down if i could, one day this was wearing jogging bottoms after a day of being dressed up and another just a really good cup of coffee. I am also trying to keep an eye on the reasons i don’t do it which largely seem to revolve around being too sleepy which for me is super amazing and shouldn’t require celebrating not berating!

A large focus for me has been my friends and family, i’ve been struggling a little with projects having finished recently and feeling a bit lost and i have had many wise conversations so this week is a little homage to them.


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