Happy (hmm?) World Mental Health Day!

Welcome to World Mental Health Day!! screen-shot-get-give-post

Today is the launch of the wonderful new Find Get Give website, the site aims to amalgamate resources and information into one access point. There are blogs, vlogs, information on the site and links out into the ether to other resources and information. My favorite part is the  autonomy given to the public and existing services who can upload themselves onto the site and put their blogs forward for consideration. I imagine in the long run this will be a very exciting source of information as it continues to develop and grow. I personally like the idea that the small support group that meets once a month in a cosy cafe on a side street will have an opportunity to make themselves known, it’s currently difficult to access these kinds of groups which don’t have websites and therefore aren’t searchable. Having been on the other side of the coin and looked after others with mental health challenges it’s also really great to see stuff for parents and carers and in particular a lady experiencing post-natal depression which i think is often overlooked as a mental health issue.

I have been all kinds of lucky and feel very privileged to have been given a spot for a blog post describing my Bipolar. This has been an awesome opportunity for me to reflect on how i describe my experiences and particularly how i can adapt this to be suitable for a range of ages (describing Bipolar in terms of alcohol intake may not always be appropriate). It’s a bit of a beast (which you’ll notice is an apt adjective for this piece) but by the end it sat right with me.

Please do check out the blog post here: http://www.findgetgive.com/living-and-coping-with-bi-polar/

and the main site here: http://www.findgetgive.com/

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