Guest Blogger 1- Ricky Boom-Boom (eeeek!!)


For all those who are not already aware the 10th of October is World Mental Health Day and as a way of celebrating the many faces of mental health I have invited some of those faces to share their experiences over the course of October in whatever way makes most sense for them.

It is therefore an absolute pleasure to kickstart the month with this song by the ever amazing Ricky Boom-Boom entitled ‘A Song For All My Negative Emotions’; I am of course biased because he is such a lovely human being and a superb musician but it’s genuinely awesome and i am very honoured to be involved in launching it out into the wide world of the internet! Continue reading Guest Blogger 1- Ricky Boom-Boom (eeeek!!)

Friendships & Relationships


I often get asked questions about relationships both as a friend and as a partner. The two themes seem to be 1) should I tell prospective partners about my disorder and if so when and 2) how can I help as a friend or partner of someone with Bipolar? Continue reading Friendships & Relationships