What are your thoughts?

Over on my Facebook page we have been discussing our views on this article from Portugal Vogue which has faced a lot of backlash for it’s controversial imagery. My personal feeling is that it is not empowering to those with mental health challenges and actually depicts a time in which people were treated poorly, with no shared decision making and forced treatment. I feel there are so many other images that could have been controversial whilst celebrating some of the more taboo subjects and empowering those who have faced these challenges. For example a cover on someone with lived experience celebrating their scars and the journey they have been on would have been impactful whilst also recognising the strength involved in managing your mental health. It’s imagery we rarely see however it empowers those with lived experience and would celebrate their story.

However others have said it has generated conversation and that’s the most important thing. I’d love to hear others views on this?

You can read the article here 🙂


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