Melted relax

20190923_205627Following on from THIS post…

So I recently coined the phrase ‘melted relax’ (if you’ve heard it before unhear it because I really like it and feel proud I created it) which basically refers to that sensation of being a puddle you feel so gooey and relaxed. When babysitting on Sunday evening (they are 15 and 13 so the term babysitting is loose) I was showing the kids ASMR videos and they both dozed off! It made me think that ASMR should be used as a tool to relax for everyone and not just as this kitsch thing some people utilise or know about. I was then thinking that a lot of it is soft spoken or whispering which is essentially what a bedtime story is which got me to researching and finding….THIS!!!!!

It’s literally an ASMR channel for children. For anyone with kids or for any adults who like to be read to (that’s me!) then have a gander over the below.. You can find the page HERE


P.S I promise I’ll stop going on about ASMR soon I just really feel the need to tell you all about it because it’s PERFECT for hibernating autumn background sounds!

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