Medication Side Effects

I keep mine in this lovely box my friend gave me as part of a birthday present!
For this weeks re-share I thought I’d share this post on medication side effects. I recently met someone who was super anti medication (he didn’t have anything which required him to take anything which I personally feel makes it significantly easier to be anti meds). I found it so bizzare people still felt so anti something which could be doing so much good for someone; as long as there has been shared decision making (essentially a Doctor being like ‘Hey, what are your thoughts on this?’ rather than ‘Hey, you’ll be doing this’) and the person is well informed, I think medication can be hugely helpful. I’m on a great regime now which means I’m far more likely to take it which also sort of works out for the Psych team so it’s a win win for everyone to have a treatment plan in which the patient is totally on board.
That said medication is still medication and I do have the odd ‘what if I’d be totally different and I’m oblivious’ but I’m far too happy and stable to take the risk. At some point I’ll want kids and that’ll be a good reflection point for medication. This post is a great illustration of why shared decision making is important and the extent to which I’ve worked hard to not just settle with the first thing given to me. I fully acknowledge the privileged position I have been in as someone with a good education and support system which has allowed me to articulate myself and my needs well and this is why advocates in mental health are so important. However, these huge numbers of side effects are why I feel confident in the ability of medication to do good, it would have been very easy to give up but I am glad i stuck with it and have found something that works for me.

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