Rip Tides & Changes Of Perspective…

53063681_2230622717001419_3165823563567464448_nI bonded with the beautiful Zoe at work and our shared passion for mental health awareness has been a gem. Following a recent break up she’s been doing a little ‘you alright today?’ head nod when I come into the building which has been much appreciated as have the lunches during which I’ve word vommed for 20 minutes before asking how she is. When we first met she showed me some videos with me which I wanted to share.


‘Hey! I am a friend of Hannahs. We met at work and bonded over our common interest in mental health, Mari Kondo and living in Cambridge! I love Hannahs blog, particularly her honesty and realness about life! I love that everyone is different, with our perspectives shaped by things that have happened in life along the way! Last year I was living in Florida, I recorded this video about perspectives after looking at a sign about rip tides. I hope it encourages you in some way!’

Video Link: HERE

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