The Conversation Hat


Joining Liam and Ben on the Conversation Hat podcast was an absolute delight and quite frankly a very surreal experience. Having swiftly downed a gin and tonic beforehand at a nearby pub (anyone close to me will know that is pretty much my upper limit so enjoy the ramifications of that) I was taken to a studio bigger than most peoples rented flats in the back of a beautiful garden and treated to a superb cup of tea.

Ben is like a kind of blue haired Russel Brand who is able to articulate nonsense so eloquently you just want to sit back and let it wash over you so you can fully absorb his total weirdness (ideal for someone who co-hosts podcasts). Liam is like a teddy bear that you want to cosy up and eat mince pies with and watch films with on mute whilst he narrates them to you in special voices; the combination is surreal but awesome and I certainly couldn’t recommend their podcasts highly enough.

Liam and Ben are superb hosts and I have the voice of a 14 year old private school child so between the three us there’s definitely reason to check it out.

You can find the podcast here: Podcast

You can check out all of the Conversation Hat series on Soundcloud here: Conversation Hat 

You can follow the Convversation Hat on Facebook here: Facebook Conversation Hat

Or check out some of their other stuff through Stabbed Panda Productions here: Stabbed Panda Productions


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