The article everyone is talking about..


Yes, yes, yes!! Several people had recommend i read this article before i stumbled across it this afternoon whilst cooking pizza, tindering and perusing the Guradian and i have to say i’m a bit obsessed with it. Whilst there are some aspects i can’t relate to or disagree with (there will always be a need to increase normality around mental health conversation in my opinion) a frustration with the mental health system and the concept of ’empowerment’ as a covert way to devalue or critique someones feelings or ability to get well i certainly can. Such an interesting read so make sure you check it out (it’s a bit long so make a cuppa first or in this heat set yourself up with a fan and an ice lolly). 🙂

Click here for the link to ‘it’s nothing like a broken leg; why i’m done with the mental health conversation’

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