Of all the things I could have broken.

My wonderful friend wrote this blog for World Mental Health Day and straight up i’m only just sharing it because i’m terrible at keeping up however it’s as important now as it was then. Her diagnosis is hugely misunderstood and seeing the responses of services to her has been very eye opening for someone who’s diagnosis gives them VIP status in mental health care systems. This blog is an excellent breakdown of her experiences and smashes through stereotypes as far as i’m concerned. Kudos!!

I broke my personality.


So today is world mental health day, a specific day in the year where all the bloggers who have had mental health struggles or have them currently come out in full force to write about it. Turns out this year I am one of those bloggers.

I am not critiquing,  in fact I think its important that as many people as feel strong enough talk about there experiences without shame or fear. What disappoints me is that we are in a society that needs a specific day to do this. However, thats not what I was going to write about, thats a whole other rant for a different time.

I didn’t know what I was going to write about for today, I had a few ideas floating around in my brain, but I thought on a a day which aims to raise awareness and combat misunderstanding…

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