Roll Up Roll Up Guest Blogger Number 3..


It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you my wonderful colleague turned friend Jonathon. This is a man who goes to meditation festivals in his spare time, will casually bring up Freud and whose openness around mental well-being makes him both an inspiration and a true kindred spirit of mine…..o and he also writes a mean poem..


The past inside the present

 A vacuum cleaner’s whir and hum,

Abruptly woken and filled with shame,

Mind feels weary, constant fuzzy pain,

A half eaten New Yorker pizza,

Spilt beer soaked through the carpet again,

Forever seeking that elusive “something”.


Late nights provide a temporal buzz,

Cerebral highs are lofty flights,

Still prefer the body buzz, couch lock strains,

good for relaxing after a hard days work.


Locked up in my own mind,

Confused thoughts masquerade as profound insights,

Life is filled with white noise; the receiver’s broken,

Psychotherapy will help dial it up again,

Connections wane while apathy pervades,

Lingering around like a bad smell.


Still afraid to play, everyday seems grey,

Mindless compulsions alleviate psychic pain,

Conscious numbing of the brain,

Nothing’s changed still lost in this maze,

The past inside the present again.


Jonathon Whyte


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