Invitation To Blog For Mental Health Awareness In October

Hello lovely people, i’m simply going to keep sending this round in the run up to October so that i ensure it reaches as many people as possible!

It feels like miles away but October 10th is mental health awareness day and so for the month of October i would like to invite you to guest blog about your own experiences. For those who might feel nervous about writing a chunk of text we can work together to make it more manageable and break it down. For anyone who feels like getting creative i’d love any art work, poetry or vlogs! This isn’t limited to Bipolar, i’d like to welcome entries from everyone including friends, family and carers. The plan would be to release these out over the month depending on how many i get through!

I’ve got some awesome people on board (and i’m only mildly biased) already so if you’d like to share your experiences please send me a personal message and we can have a chat.

Please feel free to invite others who may not be part of this group!


( 10/09/2017)

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