Frazzled Cafes!


Ruby Wax has set up a ‘Frazzled Cafe’ initiative with M&S and Cambridge is one of the lucky few to get a look in! Her site describes the set up as:

Frazzled Cafe meetings provide a ‘talk-in’ place where people who are feeling frazzled can meet on a regular basis to talk and share their personal stories in a safe, anonymous and non-judgmental environment – a place where it’s ok, to not be ok.
A key factor in helping to overcome those feelings is knowing that we are not alone – there is no substitute for meeting face-to-face and connecting with others. This isn’t just for the one-in-four Britons who will suffer a mental illness at some point in their lives, but for the four-in-four feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life. ‘

Check out this link to see if you have a local one nearby and to sign up:

On a side note there are already some wonderful places that have a similar vibe without the celebrity status. In Cambridge you can check out:

*The Recovery College – They have a range of free courses around self care, creativity bits and pieces and practical sessions. They have a College based in Peterborough and Cambridge (it’s moved if you were previously put off by the trek of buses to get out to Fulbourn!)

*Lifecraft – A similar set up and actually quite nearby to the Recovery College, it’s user led which is always cool.


*The Edge Cafe – Normally i hate these kinds of things because they usually take place in a dingy hall and tea is in polystyrene cups for 20p but i popped over the other day and LOVED it!! Really nice open and light space and good coffee and food. They’re also doing workshops and other bits. These places are always underfunded and they’re pretty new on the block so it’s definitely worth giving them a look in if you’re sick of cleaning your own table in a Costa.

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