Gratitude Journals

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So the concept of a gratitude journal initially made me cringe deep inside my soul but i decided to give it a shot after reading about the positive effects of writing a gratitude journal before sleep. First attempts sucked because i couldn’t be bothered to write anything up but i love doodling and once i started a visual gratitude journal i was officially converted! The idea is to list (it’s up to you how many)things your grateful for that day, I’ve approached it as a ‘things i enjoyed’ as well as grateful because that felt very ‘saying grace before eating’ for me and i felt more comfortable doing it that way. I allocate about 3 or 4 minutes to each day so that i don’t get too hung up on trying to make all my doodles super fancy.

I’ve found the journal to have a number of benefits:
1) It’s a little bit of creativity time in the day which feels good
2) I go to sleep feeling positive, even when i have a crappy day i make sure to note something positive from that day
3) If i’m feeling a little low i can look back on the week as a visual reminder that there are things i have enjoyed and not get into a viscous thought pattern of ‘i hate my life, everything is terrible and nothing good ever happens’.

I have decided to share with you some clips of my journal each week to give you a sense of how it works and to inject some positivity between occasional rants

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