Hey there!


Well firstly welcome!

I’m Hannah and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2012 during my final year at University; I spent around a year hearing things, seeing things and generally acting in strange and bizarre ways before I was eventually diagnosed at a day Hospital around a year later.

Bipolar disorder is a large part of my identity but it is not what defines me. I love painting and swimming and earl grey in copious quantities. I have a mild addiction to dried mango which requires constant monitoring and I love being outdoors but am not sporty. I am very loud and opinionated which I tend to blame on coming from a large family but is probably just my nature; These are the things that define me.

Part of my ‘recovery journey’ has been accepting my illness and its negative and positive consequences. I have taken control by being active in my recovery, this means I take my medication, exercise, rarely drink and am an expert on sleep hygiene (yeah that’s a thing). That said I have tried to find a balance between living a life that keeps me alive but also a life that is worth living.