How my anxiety can make me a douchey friend and how I try to make up for that with homemade cards

anna and iTwo and a half months ago I started going low, at first my psychiatrist thought it was a reaction to life stresses, fair enough, things weren’t great, now shes thinking it’s potentially a relapse. Without sleeping tablets I don’t sleep at all, without mood stabilizers i’m a mess, a good day is getting out of the house and being around people, a bad day is a lot worse. My anxiety is making a mess of things, I cant stick to meetings or coffees with friends and i’m basically a royal pain in the bum at the moment.

One of my main issues with anxiety is that it makes me a crummy friend, maybe not all the time, but a lot of it. I forget to ask people about their day or check in with them, I make plans then reschedule..then reschedule again…then give up and cancel! This article rings very true at the moment, I am lucky that all my friends understand and cut me some slack when i’m like this and I hope I make up for it in homemade cards and a billion ‘i love you’ texts afterwards, however not everyone is so lucky. If you do one thing today read this article, it’s not reflective of everyone but its ultimate message of ‘my being rubbish doesn’t mean I care any less’ is very true and is an important one to know.


Check out this link for facts about anxiety

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